GUEST POST: Little Boy Nursery

GUEST POST: Little Boy Nursery

Hello Heather’s World! My name’s Jessica and I’m a stay-at-home momma to two little kiddos. My oldest is my girl, and then baby boy. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I was so excited to get to decorate a “boy room” for the first time. My little boy is now 19 months, but I still love his gray and yellow room! I love bargain hunting, re-purposing, and seeing what I can do with little or no money.

After I decided on colors, I knew I wanted to do some kind of interesting paint treatment for the walls. Luckily for me, my husband always seems to take over my painting projects once I get an idea, so the argyle wall ended up being totally my husband’s project! I bought 4 different colors of paint. 1 quart of light yellow, one quart of darker yellow, one quart of dark gray, and 1 gallon of light gray. The light gray was used on the three other walls as well. My husband made a diamond stencil out of a cardboard box and used that to tape off diamonds on the wall. He worked with one color at a time. After all the diamonds were painted, he went back and added the thin dotted white line to look like stitching. I used that wall to choose the rest of our decor.

On either side of the window I placed some plain black frames.

The bottom two have his intials, “LW” made from a 8×10 piece of felt and some scraps of fabric. (I think these scraps came from Heather actually!). The felt make it too thick to put the glass in, so I just left it out.

My little guy LOVES books and I knew he needed his own place for books.

I found this little bookshelf at a garage sale this summer for $4. It was a dark wood stain with the ABC’s in primary colors down the sides. The images above the shelf are infant flashcards (also a garage sale find). I stuck them on the wall with command strips.

I painted the bookshelf white and then did an ombre yellow down the sides for the ABC’s. I already had two shades of yellow leftover from painting the wall. So i just added a little white paint to them to make four colors total.

To add some more yellow to these gray walls, I spray painted these vintage golf frames that I found at a thrift store. I also took off the light switch covers and mod podged scrapbook paper on them. I got the idea and tutorial for the light switch covers.

For my little guy’s first birthday I made a chalkboard sign and got it printed as an engineering print at Staples. After his party, I didn’t want to throw it away, so decided to hang it on his wall. Maybe I’ll do one for his next couple birthdays and add them to the wall!

For a “mobile” above his crib, I made some tissue paper pom poms in varying sizes and shades. I’ve hung them high enough that he can’t reach them even when he’s standing up in his crib. I think I’ll have to take them down soon though because lately he’s discovered that he can throw his little blankie up in the air and hit them. Oh boys. So destructive.

Above his changing table I put a couple of colorful wall hangings to attempt to entertaining him while dressing or changing him. The map is an awesome puzzle from the 1960’s that I found at a garage sale for a quarter! Serious garage sale gem! I love maps and so do my kiddos, and this one looks cool and old. I worked the puzzle and mod podged it onto a piece of scrap wood I found in our garage and painted white. I had to saw off one side of the wood to make it the right size, so if you’ll notice the bottom of the wood is a little crooked. (My first saw experience!)

The framed piece is an old frame i painted, then put a piece of fabric in it. I love this fabric with all the states on it. I had some left over from another project and thought it went great with the map. The frame had a distressed gold look. I just put one light coat of white spray paint on it. This was just enough to cover up the gold, but still look a little “antiqued” so I didn’t add anymore coats. Easy.

One thing I learned from my first baby, was not to buy a “bed-in-a-bag” bedding set. The bags always include bumper pads, which i rarely use for a variety of reasons, and a blanket, which baby’s don’t need until they are older. So you basically pay big money for a sheet. So for baby #2 I just bought what I wanted separately. I found these cute sheets from┬áThe Land of Nod. I also bought the gold polka dot ones as my spare set. The crib skirt and curtains are also from The Land of Nod’s “Not a Peep” collection.

Thanks for letting me share my little guy’s room and some of my favorite projects!