Framed Poster-Size Art under $10

Framed Poster-Size Art under $10

Design Problem: My living room has 10 foot ceilings and a bay window on the main wall. This wall is the focal point of the room so I decided to flank the bay window with bookcases. I used 2 bookcases from Target that I already had. They are simple and get the job done, however they are short so they looked ridiculous compared to my tall window and ceiling. FYI: new and taller bookcases were not in my budget.

Design Solution: I decided to add some height by placing frames on top of the bookcases. Using cheap $9 poster frames from Walmart, spray paint, my printer and some craft paint, I created coordinating and unique art and solved my design dilemma.

Materials Needed:
1. Poster Frame
2. Posterboard
3. Spray Paint
4. Printer
5. Pen
6. Scissors
7. Craft Paint

Step 1: Spray Paint

Wal-Mart sells poster frames for under $10. The frame is plastic and black. I’m not going to lie, they are cheap looking but nothing spray paint can’t fix. The frame slides out into strips which makes it easy to paint. I used my favorite Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint and painted the strips.

Step 2: Print Quote

I used Microsoft Word to create the wording and font I wanted and printed it out on thin, normal printer paper.

Step 3: Cut Out Poster Board

Cut out a piece of poster board to fit your frame exactly.

Step 4: Trace Quote

Line up your printed words onto your cut poster board. Once they are in the exact place you desire, trace the outline of the letters with a normal writing pen. Make sure to push hard enough to put an indent onto the poster board underneath.

Step 5: Paint Quote

Using craft paint and a thin paint brush, paint on your words. The pen indents will help keep your paint lines perfect and straight. Multiple coats may be needed.

Step 6: Place in Frame

Once the paint is dry, place finished poster board in frame. Large, easy and inexpensive!

[Right Bookcase]
[Left Bookcase]