DIY: Wall Desk Tutorial

DIY: Wall Desk Tutorial

Today I am sharing a tutorial for the wall desk in my son’s bedroom. The materials for this project cost under $20! We used a 13 inch Melamine board. They can be found in the shelving aisle at your home improvement store in a variety of sizes. Have your store cut the board to your exact length.

The desk is attached to the wall on one side and to a wood filing cabinet on the other side. We screwed a small wood board (the same size as the melamine board) to the wood filing cabinet and to the wall. The melamine board should rest on these boards. 

For extra support, we installed a large L-bracket in the middle of the desk. Make sure you screw this into a stud. For a longer desk, I would recommend installing 2 L-brackets.

 Easy and inexpensive! 

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