Black and White TV Gallery Wall

Black and White TV Gallery Wall

A black and white gallery wall has been on my to-do list for a few years now and I can finally cross it off. My master bedroom was the lucky candidate since I had a huge blank wall around my TV. Attempting a gallery wall can seem frustrating and hard but I really enjoy the process.

Here is my process:

I start out by collecting all the frames I have around the house. I lay them out on the ground and put together some kind of arrangement. This first arrangement doesn’t have to be perfect because I end up changing it 1,000 times. I just arrange something.

Next, I cut the exact shapes of my frames out of brown paper and put them on the wall in the arrangement. I use painter’s tape to be safe on the wall. To make sure I remember which cutouts go to which frames, I label the cutouts.
Then, I wait a few days. In that time, I switch around the cutouts or decide if I need more frames. Once I found the perfect layout, I hang the frames.
I work from the middle first. The toothpaste method works great for me. Put a small dot of toothpaste on the back of the frame where the nail should go and place your frame on the wall exactly where you want it to go. I leave the brown paper up so the toothpaste stays on the paper and I nail right through the paper. Once the nail is in, I rip out the paper and it is perfect.
Last step is to add photos. This is my favorite part. The process was fun and I love looking at the pictures everyday.

The numbers in the frame is our wedding date. I found free number images online and printing them in black and white. Using a spray photo glue, I attached them to poster board and placed them in the frame.

I added a little chalkboard to one side. I bought a canvas at a thrift store and painted a few coats of chalkboard paint over the entire canvas.