10 Ways to Display Children’s Artwork

10 Ways to Display Children’s Artwork

As a parent, one of my biggest dilemmas is what to do with kid’s artwork.┬áTo keep or not to keep? That is the question. I want to keep it all but that isn’t really realistic with how much my kids color. I do want my kids to know I love their artwork though so I display the lucky keepers. There will be a day when my kids will out grow this stage so I proudly display them in my home while they still love it. However, I have a hard time coming up with new places and ways of displaying art so I did some research and found 10 great ways to incorporate children’s artwork into your home. So read on for ideas on how to match, board, frame, group, hang, tape, shrink, blend, move and rotate that artwork in your home. Enjoy!
1. Match it.

Look for colors in artwork that compliment the color scheme of a room in your house. If your kitchen has pops of yellow in it, look for art that has a pop of yellow in it. Sometimes when my kids are painting, I only get out specific colors that will match their rooms. This is a win-win in my book because the kids still get to paint and I end up with beautiful artwork to display in their room.

2. Board it.

Pick a board, any board! Find an empty wall and cover it up with a bulletin board, magnet board, or peg board and display all your artwork in one spot. I especially love big boards in the kitchen because it is the most used room in the house and when kids see their artwork on display they feel inspired to creative more.
3. Frame it.

An amazing thing happens when you put something in a frame, it automatically looks important. So why not your child’s artwork? Pick your favorite (or favorites) and make them look important with a frame. Frames can be very inexpensive and what better way to let your child know that you think their artwork is special.

4. Group it.

Can’t pick your favorite to frame? No problem, frame them all. Group them together and make a gallery wall. Putting artwork in a frame makes it special, but putting multiple framed art together makes it spectacular. The variety of bright colors will make such a happy and cheerful wall in the house.

5. Hang it.
Hanging artwork is a such a classic method. There are so many simply DIY projects all over the internet on how to make your own hanging displays. Even a simple $1 cable wire, screws, and clothespins display would be perfect for a kid’s bedroom or in your entryway.
6. Tape it.
The taping method is a very informal approach but such a fun one in a kid’s bedroom! Decorative tape is everywhere now and available in so many different colors and patterns. I love that this method is temporary, so be creative with the tape. Don’t be afraid if you think your house is going to look like a kindergarten classroom, because that is pretty much the idea and kids love it.
7. Shrink it.
Shrinking pictures into a framed collage is a great modern approach to display artwork without taking up too much wall space. Having a variety of colors in one small space will bring a bright, happy and unique piece of framed art to a home.
8. Blend it.

Chances are you already have a formal gallery wall in your home. That is great. Try switching out an existing piece of framed art and replace it your children’s art. Blending artwork into existing gallery walls can make a space less informal, fun, and colorful.

9. Move it.

Think outside the box. My first instinct is to display artwork in the kid’s bedroom, but try other rooms in the house. Maybe the entryway, framed on the fridge, office/work space, or even the bathroom. You will be surprised how a simple piece of art can bring a unique and unexpected touch of fun to any room.

10. Rotate it.
Wherever and however you decide to display children’s artwork, make it easy to rotate art in and out. Kids are constantly creating new pieces so try displaying them in a way that is easy to change. Make this process fun and exciting and celebrate those little artists in your home!
So, which is your favorite way to display artwork…
match it,
board it,
frame it,
group it,
hang it,
tape it,
shrink it,
blend it,
move it
or rotate it?